Phrasal Verbs – Slang!


cool guy silhouetteSlang – Do you want to sound more natural when speaking English? Check out these slang phrasal verbs! 

  • bum someone out – to make someone feel sad
    • “I think I bummed him out when I told him the news.”
  • cave in – to stop resisting something
    • “I caved in and ate a piece of chocolate cake.” 
  • chill out – to relax
    • “You need to chill out!”
  • flip out – to get angry, start screaming
    • “She flipped out after I told her I stole her phone.”
  • freak someone out – to surprise or scare someone
    • “Tom freaked me out when he jumped out from behind the door.”
  • tick someone off – to make someone angry
    • “Amy ticked Sara off by saying her hair looked bad.” 
  • piss off – to make someone angry
    • “He pisses me off when he smokes in front of me.”
  • pig out – to eat too much
    • “Caleb pigged out on the fries and felt sick afterwards.”