Intermediate Conversation: Culture Differences

Culture Differences



  1. List 3 things you like and 3 things you dislike about your home country.
  2. List 3 things that are unacceptable in your country, but are acceptable in Canada.
  3. T guides the conversation about #1 and #2.
  4. Give a copy of the chart below to each student.
  5. Rate the behaviours as:
  • 1 – completely acceptable
  • 2 – sometimes acceptable
  • 3 – usually unacceptable
  • 4 – completely unacceptable


Behaviour 1 2 3 4
Eating with your fingers
PDA (public display of affection)
Wearing shorts in public
Giving a kiss on the cheek when you meet someone new
Having dinner at 10pm
Accepting a gift when you have nothing to give in return
Wearing shoes inside the house
Joking around with your boss
Remaining seated on a crowded subway/bus while an elderly person stands
Not leaving a tip at a restaurant
Drinking wine with dinner every day
Shaking hands when you meet someone new
Staying out at the club/bar until early morning

Tip: Have your students add 3 common behaviours from their country to the chart and ask their classmates how they feel about that particular behaviour!