Intermediate Conversation: TRUE/FALSE About Yourself

True/False About Yourself



  1. T reads each statement out loud.
  2. Have the students guess if the statement is true or false for their fellow classmates.
  3. Once everyone has made a guess, have each student tell the truth.
  4. *You can make a competitive game out of this and keep score! Who knows their fellow classmates the best?

True/False statements:

  1. I don’t know how to swim.
  2. I sleep with a night-light.
  3. I hate using public washrooms.
  4. I hate paying tips at restaurants.
  5. I ignore stop signs while driving.
  6. I shower every day.
  7. I have a short temper.
  8. I’m scared of heights.
  9. I feel confident when I speak English.
  10. I have gone to the movies by myself.
  11. I have considered getting plastic surgery.
  12. I have never gone trick or treating.
  13. I have failed a class.
  14. I have cheated on an exam.
  15. I have never broken a bone.
  16. I have eaten an entire pizza by myself.
  17. I have been hit by a car.
  18. I have witnessed a crime.
  19. I have had surgery.
  20. I sometimes admire myself in the mirror.
  21. I believe in love at first sight.
  22. I have made someone cry.
  23. I have stolen someone’s girlfriend/boyfriend.
  24. I have stolen something.
  25. I was a really good student in high school.
  26. I have cried in public.
  27. I am sometimes lazy.
  28. I talk to myself.
  29. I prefer books to movies.
  30. I believe that aliens exist.
  31. People think I’m quiet, but I’m not.
  32. If I had the chance, I would start my life again.
  33. If I had the chance to re-live my life, I would do some things differently.
  34. I study English every day, even on weekends.
  35. I dream of traveling.
  36. I want to get married soon.
  37. I believe in ghosts.
  38. I’m superstitious.
  39. I once tried online dating.
  40. I would like to be a kid again.
  41. I think I’m good-looking.
  42. I think personality is more important than looks.
  43. I used to be a party animal.
  44. I’m a party pooper.
  45. I often criticize other people.
  46. I have no regrets.
  47. I have many bad habits.
  48. I try to fix my bad habits.
  49. I’m a dog person.
  50. I sometimes pig out on junk food.
  51. I’m too chicken to try new things.
  52. I’m a cheapskate.
  53. I love spending money, even when I don’t have to.
  54. I gamble.
  55. I have revealed a friend’s secret.
  56. I have a guilty pleasure.
  57. I like to gossip about people.
  58. I have been reckless.
  59. I’m stressed out.
  60. I get angry easily.

Tip: You can use ONE particular grammar point for all the true/false sentences ie “I have/I have never” or “I was” or “I used to” or “I am”. You can adapt this game to any grammar point/level you need.