More idioms :)

Idiom: “to go around in circles”

Meaning: Not accomplishing anythingdownload


Veronica: We’ve been going around in circles all day trying to decide on an ad for the website. It’s 8:00 pm and we still haven’t decided!

Elena: Hmmmmm……


Idiom: “to be in the dog house”

Meaning: You are in troublek17697158


Veronica: My lovely husband came home at 4:00 am last night. Can you believe that?

Elena: Oh….I guess he’s in the dog house now.


Idiom: “to run against the clock”

Meaning: To have a tight deadlinek22638307


Elena: When do you have to submit your application for that teaching position?

Veronica: Today by 5:00 pm.

Elena: You’d better hurry up and do it. You’re running against the clock.