• SPEAK – it means to use your voice to produce words & it is used when one person addresses a group


The teacher spoke to the class about their next test.

Expressions with speak:

  1. speak well of –say good things about someone
  2. speak ill of – say bad things about someone
  3. speak highly of – praise someone
  4. speak in favor of – support someone or something
  5. speak against – oppose someone or something
  6. speak your mind – tell everyone exactly what you think, good or bad
  • TALK – it means to say something to someone, especially in a conversation & it suggests that two or more people are having a conversation


Can I talk to you?

Elena and Veronica talked for hours about their vacation plans.

Expressions with talk:

  1. talk nonsense – you can say this to someone when what they are saying is silly or wrong
  2. talk sense – to give sensible opinions about things

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