Do you know how to use modal verbs?

Can I open the window?

imagesMay I go to the washroom?

You should study more?

I can skate.

You don”t have to buy a new car.

She must move in two days.

I would rather sleep for a week.

You had better clean your room by the the time I come back.


  • Requests: can, could, will, would
  • Asking for permission: can, could, may, might
  • Advice: might, should, could
  • Commands: had better, must, will
  • Logical probability: might, may, could, must
  • Ability: can
  • Expectation: should, ought to
  • Lack of necessity: don’t have to
  • Logical impossibility: cannot
  • Necessity: must, have to
  • Preference: would rather
  • Prohibition: must not