• SAY – to say something using words (spoken or written)


She said “hello” to me.

Elena said something funny and left.

Expressions with say:

  1. say your piece –say what you want to say
  2. say no more – used to show that you understand what someone means
  3. say the word – used to tell someone they only have to ask you and you’ll do what they want
  4. say what you like – used when giving an opinion that you know for sure is correct, even if the person you are talking to might disagree with you
  • TELL  is used when giving information to someone else (by speaking to them or by writing to them)


She told me a lot about herself.

Can you tell me how to get to the bank?

Expressions with tell:

1. tell a joke / tell a secret / tell a lie

2. tell the truth

3. tell the time

4. tell somebody the way

5. tell one’s fortune

6. tell the difference