Idioms again :)

Idiom: “money doesn’t grow on trees”toonvectors-19182-140

Meaning: You should be careful how much you spend  because money is a limited resource


Veronica: I really want to get a new car. I love that BMW I saw yesterday. I think I’ll get it.

Elena: Veronica, I don’t think you can afford that car. You know, money doesn’t grow on trees.


Idiom: “don’t cry over spilt milk” (“it’s no use crying over spilt milk”)toonvectors-22680-140

Meaning: Getting upset over something that has already happened and that it can’t be changed


Elena: Look at my new dress! I can’t believe the cat ruined it completely. What am I gonna do now? What am I supposed to wear? My day is completely ruined!

Veronica: It’s no use crying over spilt milk. Let’s go buy another dress and enjoy the party tonight.


Idiom: “to bury your head in the sand”paranoid_ostrich_1289795

Meaning: To refuse to think about a bad situation or experience / To ignore you’re in a dangerous situation


Veronica: I told my sister that her husband is cheating on her two months ago. However, she refused to listen to me and now it’s too late. He wants a divorce.

Elena: She should have listened to you and done something about it instead of just burying her head in the sand.