Lovely idioms :)

Idiom: “as quiet as a mouse”10

Meaning: Extremely quiet, a person that doesn’t talk too much


Veronica: Do you know Maria? She is my new student. I can’t make her say anything in class.

Elena: I know her. I had her in my conversation class last month. She is as quiet as a mouse


Idiom: “it’s raining cats and dogs”UTH4450

Meaning: It is raining very hard


Elena: Are you going to the bank today?

Veronica: Yes, I’m leaving in 5 minutes.

Elena: You’d better take your umbrella with you. It’s raining cats and dogs.


Idiom: “as sharp as a tack”sharp_as_a_tack_1_thumb

Meaning: An extremely smart person


Veronica: Have you met the new grammar teacher?

Elena: Yes, I’m so excited to work with him. He is as sharp as a tack.

Veronica: Really?!