Vocabulary: Money


MONEYdough – money

big spender – a person who likes to spend a lot of money

cheapskate – a person who doesn’t like to spend money

gold digger – a person who is interested in other people for money

money bags – a rich person

blow – to spend

wad of cash – a lot of money

broke – to have no money

peanuts  – little money

a grand – a thousand dollars

leech – a person who always asks others for money



  • Do you have a lot of dough?
  • Have you seen her new car? She’s a big spender!
  • I don’t think he’s going to pay me back. He’s a cheapskate!
  • Have you met Jake’s new girlfriend? I’m pretty sure she’s a gold digger! She’s dating him for his money!
  • Hey, money bags! I heard you bought a fancy new car!
  • Elena likes to blow a lot of money on clothes and purses.
  • Did you see the wad of cash in his wallet?
  • Don’t bother asking Eric to go to the concert. He’s always broke!
  • Allie got a new job, but the pay is peanuts!
  • It’s going to cost about a grand to buy new books for school.
  • Jason is such a leech… he’s always asking me if he can borrow money!