Yuma, Japan, advanced level student

image1“Veronica is my best teacher ever! I took her Japanese English interpretation class which contained a variety of topics and situations based on role playing. It helped us  a lot to get to an idea about  real lie situations and  how we could work on interpreting  as naturally  as possible. It means we did not only learn new terminology but also used the terminology and kept practicing with real documents. She was always helpful and gave us proper advice when we faced any difficulties. That’s why I was always curious to get to learn new things from her. I never forget the words she said,  ‘Don’t think in Japanese. Think in English!’ It sounds simple and it was totally correct in any situation, so I try to remember this all the time. Working and interpreting texts  with Korean students  even though  our first languages were different was totally interesting and I enjoyed the class discussions all the time ! Taking her class encouraged  me to be an interpreter and want to be like her. I do recommend her classes and want all the students to feel like I do!” – Yuma Hasegawa, Japan, advanced level student