More idioms…..

Idiom: “if the shoe fits, wear it”shoes3

Meaning: If the description is correct, accept it.


Veronica: My friends keep saying that I’m always late. I don’t understand why they have to complain so much…

Elena: Well, you’re late all the time. I know you don’t like it when people complain about you being late, but if the shoe fits, wear it.


Idiom: “to monkey around”136056095ccb2f51c9179a487de24345

Meaning: To play around; to do something without a real purpose.


Veronica: Ughh…..I have such a bad headache.

Elena: Why? What’s wrong?

Veronica: I wish my students would be more serious and study. They want to just monkey around.


Idiom: “on pins and needles”pincushion

Meaning: Anxious or excited about something.


Veronica: What’s wrong with Dana today?

Elena: Oh…she’s on pins and needles. She’s been waiting for a call from her boyfriend all morning.