Your Bucket List



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Conversation class

Topic: Your Bucket List

Language level: Intermediate

Duration: 1 hour

Language skills:

·         Speaking: ask relevant questions in order to obtain specific information; provide required information/description; express needs, wants, wishes, hopes and preferences

·         Listening: identify and understand specific details/information

Objectives: By the end of this lesson, students will be able to ask for and give information on future plans, talk about wishes, preferences, hopes and regrets, express their opinions, agree or disagree.


·         Vocabulary: wishes, regrets, hopes

·         Grammar: use of descriptive adjectives; question formation; future; superlatives

·         Pronunciation: topic-related vocabulary

Materials / Resources:

·         Handouts provided by the teacher


  1. Warm-up
  • Ask students about their dreams, hopes, wishes for the future. Encourage them to talk about impossible things.
  • Write on the board: things to do before you kick the bucket
  • Ask students to guess / explain the meaning
  • Introduce the topic: Your Bucket List
  1. Give examples of classic bucket list wishes
  • Write the examples on the board: I want to be the boss of my own company, win the lottery, swim with the dolphins, help a complete stranger, plant a tree, skydiving
  • Discuss the following questions as a class: Do you think that bucket lists are a bad or good idea? Why? / Which is the best or worst age to make a bucket list? / When people are close to dying, which things do you think that they regret not having done?
  1. Pair / Group Activity
  • Write these verbs on the board: donate, gatecrash, dye, invent, participate, start, do, meet, climb, visit, learn, travel, kiss
  • Explain any unknown words (gatecrash)
  • Divide students in pairs or groups of 3, or 4 depending on the class size
  • Each pair/group has to come up with a bucket list using the verbs on the board and add 3 wishes of their own
  • Encourage students to be creative and allow themselves to dream
  • Monitor the pairs/groups and provide help / feedback as needed
  • Each pair/group presents the bucket list to the class
  • Encourage the rest of the students to ask questions at the end of each presentation
  • Share your own bucket list with the students
  • Give feedback

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 Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)