Canada Day Quiz


  • What do you call a coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars at Tim Hortons?

a. Double double

b. Cafe Au Lait

c. Dubs cream and sugar

d. Two by TwoWatch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

  • What is a beaver tail?

a. A delicious treat

b. Part of a hockey stick

c. The end of a boat oar

d. A dead animal’s tail

  • If you went to the store to buy a 2’6 and a mickey, what would you be buying?

a. Alcohol

b. Cigarettes

c. Cleaning supplies

d. Snacks

  • How do you say ‘sofa’ in Canadian?

a. Chesterfield

b. Ottoman

c. Armoire

d. Chesterbed

  • What is a Chinook?

a. A species of prairie rabbit

b. A sect of tribal Eskimos residing in the Arctic Circle

c. A warming wind from the ocean into the interior regions

d. A person who loves to ski and snowboard

  • What’s a Toboggan?

a. A Sled

b. A machine for cleaning a hockey rink

  • “eh?” – As in, “We should get some dinner, eh?”

a. don’t you agree?

b. are you sure?

c. why not?

  • “pop” – as in, “I would like a pop.”

a. popcorn

b. soda

c. bubble gum

  • “queue” – As in, “The queue is really long.”

a. line

b. crowd

c. wait

  • “poutine” – As in, “Man, I could really go for some poutine.”

a. French Fries, Gravy and Cheese Curds

b. Hot Dog with Bacon Bits and Cheese Sauce

c. A pizza with French fries on it

  • “toque” – As in, “Don’t forget to put on your toque.”

a. winter hat

b. scarf

c. earmuffs

  • “Canuck” – As in, “I am a Canuck.”

a. Fan of the Vancouver Canucks

b. Fan of Canada

c. Canadian