Talk for a minute



  • Write the conversation topics on conversation cards
  • Make 3 or 4 sets of conversation cards depending on class size
  • Depending on the number of students, put the students in groups of 3 or 4
  • Give each group a set of conversation cards
  • Ask your students to take turns in taking a card and talk for 1 minute
  • Ask the other students to time the person who is speaking

Talk for 1 minute about….

  1. Someone you’d like to meet
  2. Your favourite type of weather
  3. Your favourite holiday destination
  4. Music you like listening to
  5. Your favourite food
  6. A place you’d love to visit
  7. Your hometown and why you like it
  8. Another language you’d like to learn
  9. A movie you think is great
  10. Jobs you don’t mind doing at home
  11. A newspaper you enjoy reading
  12. A sport you dislike
  13. A topic you hate talking about
  14. Jobs you hate doing at home
  15. Your home and why you like it
  16. A job you’d like to have
  17. A sport you enjoy playing
  18. What you like about learning English
  19. Activities at home you enjoy doing
  20. The day of the week you like the most
  21. A foreign food you enjoy
  22. A car you’d like to buy
  23. What you like doing at the weekend
  24. Something you like doing at the beach
  25. Something you’d like to do this week
  26. Something you’d like to do more often
  27. The website you like the most
  28. Somewhere you’d like to live