Travel Idioms


  • Backseat driver: a passenger who critiques or criticizes your driving
  • Sunday driver: one who drives slowly and makes unexpected maneuvers
  • Greasy spoon: usually applied to restaurants ā€“ especially diners ā€“ serving cheap fried or grilled foods
  • Pit stop: to stop for gas, snacks, beverages, restrooms, etc.
  • Red-eye flight: any flight departing late at night
  • One for the road: having one more of something (especially a drink) before departing
  • Live out of a suitcase: to continuously travel from place to place
  • Hit the road: to begin traveling
  • Pedal to the metal: to accelerate or speed up
  • Off the beaten path/track: something that is out of the mainstream, rarely frequented or known
  • Fleabag motel/roach motel: shabby, low-priced accommodations
  • Running on fumes: driving with very little gasoline in the tank