The Weather

Questions About the Weather

People commonly ask about the weather by saying:

What’s it like out(side)?

How’s the weather?

What’s the weather like?

What’s the temperature?

What’s the weather forecast?

What’s the forecast for today/tomorrow/this week?

Clear or Cloudy

Bright: (adjective) full of light; when the sun is shining strongly

Sunny: (adjective) the sun is shining and there are no clouds

Clear: (adjective) without clouds

Fine: (adjective) not raining, clear sky

Partly cloudy: (adjective) when there is a mixture of both blue sky and clouds

Cloudy: (adjective) with many clouds in the sky

Overcast: (adjective) covered with cloud; dull

Gloomy: (adjective) with dark clouds and dull light; some people consider this weather depressing

Fog (noun)/ foggy (adjective): thick cloud close to land

Wet Weather

Drizzle: (verb/noun) to rain lightly with very fine drops

Shower: (noun) a short period of rain

Rain: (verb/noun) water that falls from the clouds in drops

Downpour: (noun) heavy rain

Pour: (verb) to rain

It’s raining cats and dogs: (Idiom) To rain heavily

Torrential rain: (noun) very heavy rain

Flood: (verb/noun) to become covered in water usually due to excessive rain

Damp: (adjective) slightly wet (often after the rain has stopped)

Humid: (adjective) the air feels wet and disgusting

Cold Weather

Hail: (verb) when frozen rain falls as small balls of ice

Hailstones: (noun) the small hard balls of ice that fall from the sky

Snow: (noun/verb) frozen rain that falls from the sky

Snowflake: (noun) an individual piece of snow

Sleet: (noun/verb) snow or hail mixed with rain (often with some wind)

Blizzard: (noun) severe snowstorm with strong winds

Types of Wind

Breeze: (noun) a gentle wind that is often nice or refreshing

Blustery: (adjective) blowing (strong) gusts of wind

Windy: (adjective) continual wind.


Freezing: (adjective) extremely cold

Chilly: (adjective) a bit cold

Cool: (adjective) not very cold

Warm: (adjective) not very hot


In English, we usually use it is when we talk about the weather. 
This is normally:

It is + adjective


It is + verb-ing


It is + adjective

  • It is sunny today.
  • It’s hot and humid today.
  • It’s a nice day today.


It is + verb-ing

  • It’s pouring right now.
  • It was snowing yesterday.
  • It’s


We can also say: It is a + adjective + day (or morning/afternoon/night)

  • It’s a fine day.
  • It’s a windy afternoon.
  • It was a chilly night last night.