Vocabulary: Money


MONEYdough – money

big spender – a person who likes to spend a lot of money

cheapskate – a person who doesn’t like to spend money

gold digger – a person who is interested in other people for money

money bags – a rich person

blow – to spend

wad of cash – a lot of money

broke – to have no money

peanuts  – little money

a grand – a thousand dollars

leech – a person who always asks others for money



  • Do you have a lot of dough?
  • Have you seen her new car? She’s a big spender!
  • I don’t think he’s going to pay me back. He’s a cheapskate!
  • Have you met Jake’s new girlfriend? I’m pretty sure she’s a gold digger! She’s dating him for his money!
  • Hey, money bags! I heard you bought a fancy new car!
  • Elena likes to blow a lot of money on clothes and purses.
  • Did you see the wad of cash in his wallet?
  • Don’t bother asking Eric to go to the concert. He’s always broke!
  • Allie got a new job, but the pay is peanuts!
  • It’s going to cost about a grand to buy new books for school.
  • Jason is such a leech… he’s always asking me if he can borrow money!

Using “To be” & “To have” to Describe People

Physical AppearancesWatch Full Movie Online Streaming and Download


  1. Hand out a copy of the Physical Appearances chart to each student.
  2. Review verbs “to be” and “to have”
  3. Have each student practise:
    1. Describe the teacher
    2. Describe themsevles
    3. Describe a partner
    4. Describe people in a magazine
  4. Game: GUESS WHO?
    1. Prepare a stack of cards with pictures of people on them.
    2. Lay the cards out on a table.
    3. Have students take turns describing the person on a card.
    4. Other students guess which picture is being described.

Keith Schwartz, Brazil, intermediate level student

roundcubeI met these two girls when I went to Toronto to study English and I could not have had a better experience in my life! Both are excellent teachers , very thoughtful , patient and concerned with the development of their students. I recommend studying with them! You’ll improve your english ( grammar, listening and speaking) and have a lot of fun, because they are so friendly ! The six months that I spent with them were wonderful, I learned a lot, and I make this two special friends! I miss you girls!” – Keith Schwartz – São Paulo, Brazil

Vocabulary: Going to the Doctor

going to the doctor


Match the vocabulary words with the correct definitions:

A) Cold 1. Fever and chills
B) Backache 2. Pain in the head
C) Flu 3. Bleeding
D) Headache 4. Feel like vomiting
E) Sore throat 5. Red and itchy skin
F) Sprained ankle 6. Can’t walk
G) Dizziness 7. Runny nose and sneezing
H) Rash 8. Can’t bend over or sit comfortably
I) Cut 9. Can’t swallow
J) Nausea 10. Everything around you appears to be moving

Something to talk about…

  1. How often do you go to the doctor?
  2. How do you feel right now?
  3. Have you caught a cold lately?
  4. How often do you get headaches?

Takahiro, Japan

“Hi Veronica, this is Takahiro!!!

The words I express about her are energetic and funny!!!!Further more her teaching style attracts us. It is like everyone studies and enjoys together. I’ve never felt bored especially speaking class. And she always considers of students. She absolutely helped me whenever I had some questions. I could feel that she adores teaching from her cheerful teaching style. I’m sure she is the best teacher I’ve ever met.” – Takahiro, Japan