Indefinite pronouns

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Indefinite pronouns refer to people or things that are not specific, not known or not the focus of the sentence.



  • “-one”: someone, anyone, everyone, no one
  • “-body”: somebody, anybody, everybody, nobody
  • “-thing”: something, anything, everything, nothing



  • “-one” and “-body” – to refer to a person or a group of people

Everyone knows drinking water is good for your health.

Somebody left the door open and the cat disappeared.

  • “-thing” – to refer to things (not people)

I found out something about your brother.

Everything I bought is for my sister.

  • “some-“, “every-“, “no-” – in affirmative statements

Someone ate all the chips.

Everyone loves cake.

No one drinks juice in my class.

  • “any-” – in negative statements

She doesn’t go out with anybody.

I don’t see anything wrong with your laptop.

I don’t think anyone should drink wine.