Yuma, Japan, advanced level student

image1“Veronica is my best teacher ever! I took her Japanese English interpretation class which contained a variety of topics and situations based on role playing. It helped us  a lot to get to an idea about  real lie situations and  how we could work on interpreting  as naturally  as possible. It means we did not only learn new terminology but also used the terminology and kept practicing with real documents. She was always helpful and gave us proper advice when we faced any difficulties. That’s why I was always curious to get to learn new things from her. I never forget the words she said,  ‘Don’t think in Japanese. Think in English!’ It sounds simple and it was totally correct in any situation, so I try to remember this all the time. Working and interpreting texts  with Korean students  even though  our first languages were different was totally interesting and I enjoyed the class discussions all the time ! Taking her class encouraged  me to be an interpreter and want to be like her. I do recommend her classes and want all the students to feel like I do!” – Yuma Hasegawa, Japan, advanced level student


Yoshi, Japan, advanced level student

Capture“Hi, I’m Yoshi. I lived in Toronto 2 years ago with my wife and had a working holiday visa. Veronica was my first teacher when I took my first ESL class. At that time I couldn’t speak or write in English. I just knew the alphabet and the verb to be… She is really kind with all students and she can make you feel comfortable in class. I have a special memory about her. I used to write a diary every day for 6 months while I was taking ESL classes. Veronica read and checked my writing  in her free time! And then she returned it by the time I went home so I could write again. She checked my grammar and my spelling. I think it’s so hard to do this. My English improved because of Veronica:)… After I left Toronto, I visited Mexico, Brazil and Spain with my wife and it was easier because of our improved English. I appreciate Veronica :)…    Thanks!!” – Yoshiyuki Moriizumi, Japan, advanced level student

Keith Schwartz, Brazil, intermediate level student

roundcubeI met these two girls when I went to Toronto to study English and I could not have had a better experience in my life! Both are excellent teachers , very thoughtful , patient and concerned with the development of their students. I recommend studying with them! You’ll improve your english ( grammar, listening and speaking) and have a lot of fun, because they are so friendly ! The six months that I spent with them were wonderful, I learned a lot, and I make this two special friends! I miss you girls!” – Keith Schwartz – São Paulo, Brazil

Takahiro, Japan

“Hi Veronica, this is Takahiro!!!

The words I express about her are energetic and funny!!!!Further more her teaching style attracts us. It is like everyone studies and enjoys together. I’ve never felt bored especially speaking class. And she always considers of students. She absolutely helped me whenever I had some questions. I could feel that she adores teaching from her cheerful teaching style. I’m sure she is the best teacher I’ve ever met.” – Takahiro, Japan

Emi, Japan, intermediate level student

Emi“Hi. My name is Emi, I was Elena and Veronica’s student for over a year! I’d like to recommend this online English program because they are really great teachers. I loved Veronica’s grammar class, she knows a lot about different cultures, so she would understand what you mean and she would correct your English sentence for you. I loved Elena’s speaking class, she taught me a lot of slang and expressions. Also she is very kind and patient when she teaches. I think you will enjoy learning English with them!” – Emi, Japan, intermediate level student

Kimiko, Japan

“Veronica is the best teacher ever. She is very attentive to her students. If you want to say something but cannot find the precise words, she can take your point correctly and give you the right words. She has a wealth of experience in teaching English, so her explanations are very clear and easy to understand for international students. That would help you enhance your comprehension skills. Moreover, she can paraphrase anything in multiple ways. This is because she is not only a brilliant teacher but also a great interpreter. You can learn a lot from her about practical and colourful English expressions. Actually I have improved my English because she helped me all the time. I have learned about listening, speaking, reading and writing through her amazing classes. She chose such attractive topics that every student was excited and enjoyed talking to one another. Therefore, I highly recommend Veronica as the best teacher ever.” – Kimiko, Japan