download (1)When you AGREE with the speaker: too, either, neither

  • I like cats. => Ways to answer: 1. Me, too. / 2. So do I. / 3. I do too.
  • I can speak Italian. => Ways to answer: 1. Me, too. / 2. I can, too. / So can I.
  • I don’t like apple juice. => Ways to answer: 1. Me, either. / 2. Neither do I. 
  • I can’t skate. => Ways to answer: 1. Me, either. / 2. Neither can I.


When you DON’T AGREE with the speaker: either

  • I love dogs. => Ways to answer: 1. I don’t. / 2. I don’t either.
  • I can play soccer. => Ways to answer: 1. I can’t. / 2. I can’t either.
  • I am short. => Ways to answer: 1. I’m not. / 2. I’m not either.




  • SAY – to say something using words (spoken or written)


She said “hello” to me.

Elena said something funny and left.

Expressions with say:

  1. say your piece –say what you want to say
  2. say no more – used to show that you understand what someone means
  3. say the word – used to tell someone they only have to ask you and you’ll do what they want
  4. say what you like – used when giving an opinion that you know for sure is correct, even if the person you are talking to might disagree with you
  • TELL  is used when giving information to someone else (by speaking to them or by writing to them)


She told me a lot about herself.

Can you tell me how to get to the bank?

Expressions with tell:

1. tell a joke / tell a secret / tell a lie

2. tell the truth

3. tell the time

4. tell somebody the way

5. tell one’s fortune

6. tell the difference




  • SPEAK – it means to use your voice to produce words & it is used when one person addresses a group


The teacher spoke to the class about their next test.

Expressions with speak:

  1. speak well of –say good things about someone
  2. speak ill of – say bad things about someone
  3. speak highly of – praise someone
  4. speak in favor of – support someone or something
  5. speak against – oppose someone or something
  6. speak your mind – tell everyone exactly what you think, good or bad
  • TALK – it means to say something to someone, especially in a conversation & it suggests that two or more people are having a conversation


Can I talk to you?

Elena and Veronica talked for hours about their vacation plans.

Expressions with talk:

  1. talk nonsense – you can say this to someone when what they are saying is silly or wrong
  2. talk sense – to give sensible opinions about things

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  • FUN – is a noun and ***an adjective (in informal speaking) & it means pleasure and enjoyment


I hope you have fun!

I had a lot of fun yesterday.

***The girls had a lot of fun activities at the beach.

  • FUNNY – is an adjective & and it means amusing (someone or something that makes you laugh and have a good time)


Elena is very funny!

I saw a funny movie last night.




  • We use “during “ to say when something happens

during + noun

            Example : Lidia used her computer during class.


  • We use “while” to talk about two simultaneous actions (two things happening at the same time)

while + subject + verb

            Example: Lidia was talking on the phone while her mother was driving.



  • We use «be» to describe something or someone.

Subject + to be + complement (adjective)

Example:          He is tall.

Mike is intelligent.

Ann and Mary are pretty.

The house is big.

  • We use «be» to say that someone or something is in a specific place.

Subject + to be + complement (place)

Example:          He is in the house.

Mike is at the airport.

Ann and Mary are in the building.

The house is in Montreal.

  • We use «have» to express possession.

Subject + have/has+ complement (noun)

Subject + have/ has + complement (adjective + noun)

Example:          He has a new car.

Mike has a pretty girlfriend.

Ann and Mary have homework.

The house has a big garden.