Adjectives ending in “-ED” and “-ING”

How you feel inside: “-ED” Clip-art-stick-figure-clipart-image

  • disgusted
  • confused
  • bored
  • excited
  • frightened
  • embarrassed


How you make others feel: “-ING”

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  • disgusting
  • confusing
  • boring
  • exciting
  • frightening
  • embarrassing


  • disgusted & disgusting

I was disgusted by the food at my friend’s wedding. It was really bad.

The food at my best friend’s wedding was disgusting. It had a bad smell.

  • confused & confusing

All students are confused. English grammar is hard to understand.

The teacher is confusing. The students can’t understand anything.

  • bored & boring

The students are bored. The teacher is not funny at all.

The teacher is boring. No one likes his classes.

  • excited & exciting

Elena was really excited about the party.

The party was exciting. Elena danced all night.

  • frightened & frightening

The cat was frightened and ran away.

The dog was big and frightening. The cat got scared and wanted to hide.

  • embarrassed & embarrassing

I was so embarrassed. I made so many mistakes and everyone laughed.

His behavior was embarrassing. His parents were very upset and promised to teach him a lesson.