Find someone who…

Animated Question Mark

Find someone who:

  • drank coffee this morning.
  • watched TV yesterday.
  • grew up in the country.
  • played basketball or soccer in the last week.
  • who skipped breakfast.
  • took the bus to school.
  • cut their hair in the last month.
  • had a date in the last week.
  • took a trip last summer.
  • went shopping on the weekend.
  • read the newspaper this morning.
  • watched the news yesterday.
  • grew up in the city.
  • who ate breakfast.
  • had a drink with friends in the last week.
  • went to the beach last summer.
  • lived with their grandmother when they grew up.
  • caught a cold in the last month.
  • who ate fish yesterday.
  • found money on the street.
  • went fishing last summer.