Past Simple: A speaking activity

blah_blah_blah_pacman-1         In the Past

Use the time expressions given below to talk about your memories.

Time Expressions:

  • An hour ago
  • This morning
  • Yesterday
  • Last night
  • Last week
  • Two weeks ago
  • Last year
  • Two days ago
  • Last Saturday
  • Last Sunday
  • In 2013
  • A week ago
  • When I was six
  • Yesterday afternoon
  • When I was ten
  • Yesterday evening
  • Five years ago
  • Last summer
  • A month ago
  • In 2012
  • Last winter
  • A long time ago
  • Ten years ago
  • Last month

My memories:

  1. your first job
  2. your last holiday
  3. the place where you grew up
  4. your first love
  5. your earliest memory
  6. a wedding you attended
  7. a teacher you liked or didn’t like at school
  8. a party you really enjoyed
  9. a holiday you didn’t enjoy
  10. what you did for fun when you were a teenager
  11. your first car
  12. one of your best friends at school
  13. the first time you travelled abroad or far away
  14. a hobby you used to have
  15. our first day at school
  16. your grandparents
  17. a frightening experience you had
  18. an important event in your life
  19. your happiest moment
  20. a subject you disliked at school